Blood Colloction Monitors

Company Inception:

BIORAYS commenced its business operations within a limited geographical area, marking the initial steps in its journey.

Gradual Expansion:

With focused determination, BIORAYS steadily expanded its business presence, achieving remarkable milestones in a short span of time. This expansion encompassed every corner of the nation, effectively reaching a nationwide audience.

Diversification of Production:

BIORAYS displayed an innovative approach by diversifying its production line. Alongside its routine sales, the company ventured into manufacturing various stains/reagents, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive solutions. Furthermore, BIORAYS embarked on the production of plastic laboratory disposables, broadening its product portfolio.

Network Establishment:

A pivotal phase ensued as BIORAYS established a robust network of distributors spanning the entire country. This strategic move facilitated meaningful business connections with prominent dealers and distributors in Pakistan.

Contemporary Landscape:

At present, BIORAYS maintains a symbiotic relationship with distinguished pathologists and researchers. By fostering these connections, the company has solidified its presence and expertise in the field. A dedicated team is deployed, covering facets of promotion, supply, application, and biomedical engineering across diverse domains of interest.