Colorimeter 3in1 | Biorays


3 in 1: Colorimeter, HB meter, Glucose meter

Processor + Display: Microprocessor with Numeric Display
Stand Glass Filter: 07
Zero Adjustment: Auto
Sample Holder:  Round 9 mm
Range:   405-660 nm
Minimum Volume:   0.5 ml
Detector:   Photo Diode
Light: Long Life – Bread Spectrum LED
Battery Backup:  Yes
Power Filter:   7 Filters 405, 492,505,546,578, 630, 660 nm

Biorays colorimeter is a device used to measure the intensity of colors or the concentration of a substance in a solution based on its color. It is widely used in various scientific fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, and quality control. A colorimeter works by quantifying the amount of light absorbed or transmitted by a sample at a specific wavelength, which correlates with the color or concentration being measured.

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