Water bath stainless-steel (28 hole)


Biorays water bath is a piece of equipment made from stainless steel that is designed to provide a controlled and consistent temperature environment for various laboratory applications. It features a stainless-steel construction, which offers durability, resistance to corrosion, and ease of cleaning.

This specific laboratory water bath is designed to accommodate 28 tubes, each with a capacity of 3ml. The tubes can be placed within the water bath, allowing for uniform heating. The water bath is equipped with a heating element and temperature controller, which enables precise temperature regulation within a specific range.

The stainless-steel material used in the construction of the water bath ensures proper heat distribution and retention, minimizing temperature fluctuations. The bath's design also includes a lid or cover to prevent heat loss and protect the samples from external contamination.

Laboratory water baths are commonly used in various applications such as microbiology, molecular biology, pharmaceutical research, and other scientific disciplines. They are utilized for tasks like sample thawing, incubation, enzyme reactions, cell culture, and general temperature maintenance of samples and reagents. The versatility and reliability of a stainless-steel water bath make it an essential tool in many laboratory settings.


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