Water bath with water circulation


Biorays water bath with a plastic body is a versatile equipment used in scientific laboratories for various applications that require temperature control. It is designed to provide a consistent and controlled temperature environment for samples and reagents.

This specific laboratory water bath features a plastic body, which offers lightweight and durable construction. The plastic material is resistant to chemical corrosion and easy to clean, ensuring the integrity of experiments and the longevity of the equipment.

Biorays water bath is equipped to accommodate 30 tubes, allowing for the placement of multiple samples simultaneously. It also includes a pump for water circulation, which helps to ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout the bath. The pump circulates the water, preventing temperature variations and improving the overall efficiency of the water bath.

Laboratory water baths with a plastic body and a pump for water circulation are commonly used in applications such as microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and other scientific research fields. It provides a stable and controlled temperature environment for tasks like incubation, sample thawing, enzyme reactions, cell culture, and various other temperature-dependent experiments.

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