Washing bottle 500ml


Biorays laboratory washing bottle is a versatile tool commonly used in scientific laboratories for rinsing and cleaning equipment and glassware. This specific washing bottle has a capacity of 500ml and is made of plastic material, ensuring durability and chemical resistance.

The design of the bottle allows for easy dispensing of water or cleaning solutions by squeezing it. This squeezing action generates water pressure, enabling precise and controlled rinsing or cleaning. The user can regulate the water flow by adjusting the force applied while squeezing the bottle.

It is typically equipped with a nozzle or spray head that delivers a fine, directed stream of water or cleaning solution. This enables efficient and targeted cleaning of specific areas or components. The bottle may also have a screw-on cap or closure mechanism to prevent leaks and ensure the integrity of the stored liquid.

The plastic material of the washing bottle ensures that it is lightweight, easy to handle, and resistant to breakage. Additionally, the transparency of the plastic allows for easy monitoring of the liquid level and identification of its contents.

Biorays Laboratory washing bottles find applications in various laboratory tasks, including rinsing glassware, dispensing solvents or reagents, cleaning surfaces, and providing controlled water pressure for delicate procedures. Their convenience, durability, and ease of use make them a valuable tool in laboratory settings.

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