DPX mountant (Refractive index 1.52) 500ml | Biorays


DPX mountant is a widely used synthetic mounting medium in histology and microscopy. It is composed of a mixture of distyrene, a plasticizer, and xylene, a clearing agent. DPX mountant is named after its constituents: Distyrene, Plasticizer, and Xylene. The refractive index of DPX mountant is typically specified as 1.52.

It's important to note that xylene, one of the components of DPX mountant, is a volatile organic compound and should be handled with appropriate precautions in a well-ventilated environment.

Overall, DPX mountant with a refractive index of 1.52 is a reliable and widely used mounting medium in histology and microscopy. It provides transparency, refractive index matching, and long-term preservation of stained specimens, facilitating clear and detailed microscopic observation and analysis.

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