Centrifuge tube conical 12ml | Biorays


A centrifuge tube, conical, 12ml, is a laboratory tube specifically designed for use in centrifuge machines. It has a conical shape, meaning it tapers to a point at the bottom, which facilitates efficient separation of components during centrifugation.

Pack size: 250pcs

The conical shape of the tube is advantageous for several reasons. Firstly, it maximizes the efficiency of the separation process by directing the denser components towards the tapered bottom. This shape enables the formation of a distinct pellet or sediment, ensuring a clean separation from the supernatant or upper liquid layer.

Additionally, the conical design facilitates easy pouring and decanting of the separated components after centrifugation. The tapered bottom allows for precise and controlled pouring without disturbing the pellet, making it convenient for subsequent analysis or further processing of the separated materials.

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