Water Bath Digital Plastic Body Specs

Tubes Quantity:  30

Weight:  2.45 kg

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With a  view of new laboratory types of equipment, Biorays made ” Water Bath Digital” which is made with plastic body. It’s laboratory equipment that is used to incubate samples at a constant temperature over a huge period of time.

It is preferred for the heat source for heating flammable chemicals instead of an open flame to prevent ignition. It is also used to give temperature to tubes. A technician can adjust temperature and time according to the requirement to give heat to tubes.

The body is made with plastic which gives an extra perfect look to its shape. Its temperature is auto adjustable, Once the required temperature is set, it auto-adjusted the temperature which is required. Tubes Quantity in the bath is 30, So a technician can place 30 tubes at a time to give temperature. It has two parts, the main unit, and the tub. The main unit includes the temperature sensor and heater.

The main unit is placed on the tub which is easily adjusted on it. The Tub has a rack of 30 holes in which the tubes are placed. The main unit has stainless steel support plate which is used to give temperature to water.

Water Bath Plastic body is a widely used item in the laboratory field and easily affordable product.

water bath plastic


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