Urine Container Specs

Container Quantity: 90 ml

Cap:   Screw Cap

Packing Size: 100 pcs

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A lot of manufacturers work on laboratory instruments chemicals and plasticware items in the market, but their product quality is too cheap and the price is so high. Viewing of this bad production and quality, Biorays Made its own best quality product at less cost. “Urine Container” is one the best product of Biorays that qualified in the market and less in price than other manufacturers.

It is also known as “Urinal” which is a container for males to collect samples of urine and store a large quantity of urine.

A urine container is used to collect samples of Blood and Urine. The container consists of two parts one is a container and another part is the cap.  Both are made of PP propylene pure plastic which is the best quality plastic material on the market. The container has different sizes and quantities. This container stores up to 50 ml. It is clear and graduated with the best screw cap.

Clear and Graduated means samples are clearly seen from the outside and screw cap capability makes it more effective for the technician to see the sample.

urine container


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