Temperature Control Microscope Stage and Slide Warmer  Specs

This block contains 6 tubes and a serum cup.

Weight:  6.0 kg

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By viewing of advance changes in laboratory equipment technology, Biorays designed a new product which is used to check the semen transience and pace or live biological specimen and known as ” Temperature Control Best Microscope Stage & Slide Warmer”.

It can be used on different brands of biological compounds and stereo microscopes. It contains two LED digital displays that show the current temperature and preset temperature control. the buttons allow you to set the temperature according to requirements up and down.

It has convenient installation for any standard microscope stage. It provides accurate, stable thermal control of live biological specimens observations such as checking semen transience and pace. It can be used on all biological compounds and microscopes.

The stage warming block is made of stainless steel which consists of 6 tubes and a serum cup.

It is designed according to pre-heat of the stage in 1 to 2 minutes to reach the desired constant temperature. It is designed to maintain a consistent, stable temperature while living biological specimens such as analyzing sperm transience and pace.

temperature control stage and slide warmer


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