Slide Rack Staing Iron Rods

Size: 400 * 5 * 5 mm

Rods:   Iron Rods

Rack Material:  PP Proplyene

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Biorays made “Slide Rack” which is used in laboratories for staing of things in an efficient way. Many things will be used for staing things in labs but in seeing trend Biorays made a Rack which holds things in an efficient way. It is easy to use and lightweight and easy to carry. About its Structure, It is made of two things. The Supports which is made of plastic dense material which is called “Support” and rods are made of irons.

The Iron rod is fixed in both ends of Plastic material that supports it to be stable on the table. The Support color is white and the iron rod’s color is black. Its easy to place anywhere in the lab.


slide rack staing


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