Pipette Stand For 5 Micropipette Specs

Pipette Quantity:    5 Pipette

Tip Container:       3 Container In Base

Material:     Acrylic Material

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Viewing of Rapid rise heights in  Modern Laboratory Technology and an intense view in Laboratory item Biorays invent a New Item that is mostly used and an important part of laboratories ” Pipette Stand For 5 with Tip Container”.

It’s also called “juster Stand” because it has a core inside that is used for storage. Core with Storage is also known as “Juster” and this pipette stand has storage of tip container with the holding of pipette stand so it’s called “Juster Stand”. The technician knew this product as “Pipette Stand Rack” because it has 3 racks at the lower end which are used to store tips and other related items.

Another name that is mostly called in Laboratory Field is “Micropipette Rack”. It has the Capacity to keep different pipettes of different sizes because it has 3 boxes at the lower end which are called “Rack” which are covered with a blue plate and used to store tips like items. The technician keeps 5 pipettes in it at a time and stores them blue, yellow tips, and other small laboratories items in it.

About Core, Size, and Material of stand, It is made of Acrylic Transparent Plastic Sheet and holder is used in it to provide fast, best and adjustable grip to pipette.  The pipette place is curved and the pipette is easily adjusted in it. It has 3 tips container that stores tips in it. The tip container box is covered with an Acrylic blue sheet that is moveable and covers tips. This Pipette Stand is mostly used in the laboratory due to the easy grip of the pipette and tip container rack.

pipette stand

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