Standard Model (S):  Inside and Outside mild steel Powder Coated

Temperature Range:   5 °C to 80 °C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

Temp Uniformity:  ± 2 °C

Humidity Range: 25%  to 95% RH

Humidity Accuracy:  ± 2% RH

Humidity Uniformity: ± 5 % RH



Biorays Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber is an effective product in the market. In the pharmaceutical industry, stability testing helps provide evidence as to how the quality of a drug will vary with time under a variety of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and light exposure. This testing must be completed before a drug enters the market.

Functions of Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber

     Smart Air Distribution System

  • A separate supply and return duct for ensuring uniformity of set conditions.


     Efficient Water Management System

  • Built-in water recirculation system which saves 95% of water consumption.
  • Reduction in water Cost


     Safety & Alarms

  • Safety Controller sensor to cut off the supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of Temperature and Humidity giving the audio-visual alarm.
  • Low water Level Alarms
  • Door Opening Alarms
  • All the alarms are events are logged in the software.


More features about Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber

  • Pre-fabricated doubled walled modular panels with PUF insulation
  • Inside stainless steel and walls
  • Floor panels have extra reinforcement to sustain the sample load inside the chamber
  • Heavy-duty door hinges and latches to maintain a secure and uniform seal
  • Racks & Trays made up of GI pre-coated with Adjustable height
  • Humidity system with evaporation tray and reservoir tank with water level arrangement
  • PIC control system with touch screen display colored screen – 7″ HMI with Ethernet (Optional)
  • Web-based online monitoring (Optional)
  • Works on 220 V AC single Phase 50 Hz.


Stability Chamber 400
Stability Chamber 400
Stability Chamber 800
Stability Chamber 800


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