BIORAYS 120L-920L Laboratory Refrigerator 2~8℃ For Hospital

Biorays Laboratory Refrigerator is for storage of biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc. Suitable for use in pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centers for disease prevention & control, clinics, etc.

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Laboratory Refrigerator 2-8℃

Intelligent Temperature Control
·Laboratory refrigerator is equipped with a high-precision microcomputer temperature control system and 1 high-brightness digital temperature display with a display accuracy of 0.1℃.

Refrigeration System
Equipped with a compressor supplied by an internationally famous brand, a high-efficiency air-cooled condenser, and a finned evaporator, ensuring fast refrigeration.

Lighting System
Equipped with a lighting system with LED lights, ensuring high visibility inside the cabinet.

·Equipped with high-quality shelves made from PVC-coated steel wire with tag cards and classification marks, which are easy to clean.

·Equipped with the invisible door handle, ensuring elegance of appearance.

·Equipped with a testing port, bringing convenience to users in testing temperature inside the cabinet.


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