Hemoglobin Meter Superior Quality Specs

Hb Meter

Hb Pipette 20ul

N/10 Solution

Dropper 5ml

Mixing Rod

Tube 5 ml

Washing Brush

User Manual

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Biorays made “Hemoglobin Meter” of Superior Quality which is also known as “Hb Meter”.  Its an instrument that is used to determine the hemoglobin quantity that is present in the blood by the use of spectrophotometric measurement. Transportable hemoglobinometers provide easy and suitable measurement, which is particularly useful in areas where no clinical laboratories are available.

Its a common method of measuring hemoglobin amount in blood, which compares the colour of light passing through a hemolyzed blood samples with a standard colour. Another name which is mostly known “Hemo Meter”. The quality of Hemoglobin Meter superior and method which is used in it is “Sahli’s Method”.  it also include N/10 Hcl solution which is used in testing. When N/10 HCL solution is added in blood, the hemoglobin precent in RBC’s is converted into acid hematin which is dark brown color compound.

Its name is assosiated with “Sahli’s Pipette Method” for performing red blood collections, as well as the “Hayem-Sahli hemocytometer “, which is a device used to find and collect the quantity of platelets in a specified volume of blood.

User manual is also included in the box that tells how to use and measure accurate and perfact quantity.

hemoglobin meter sahli method


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