Colori Meter Auto Zero Specs

Processor + Display:  Microprocessor with Numeric display

Glass Filter:   Stand Glass Filter 07

Adjustment: Zero

Digits:  2 1/2

Holder Sample: Rectangular 10 mm (0.5 ml)

Range: 405-660 nm

Output: 0-1.99

Minimum Volume: 0.5 ml

Detector: Photodiode Light

Battery Backup: Yes

Power Display: Yes


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With a new view in laboratory technology, “Biorays” made a product which is used for measuring the intensity of color and known as “Colori Meter Digital ” and have the ability to safe the factor. It is also known as “Colori Meter Digital Auto Zero” because it safe the factor with zero auto adjustment.

It is used for a variety of applications in the chemical and biological field including saving factors.  It compares the amount of light getting through a solution with the amount that can get through a sample of the pure solvent.

It has a photocell that is able to detect the amount of light passing through the solution under investigation. It measures the intensity or concentration of the color that develops upon introducing a specific reagent into a solution. It also has a battery backup which helps to save factors for a long time.


colori meter auto zero


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