Colori Meter Abs Factor & Conc Specs

Processor + Display:   Microprocessor with Numeric Display

Stand Glass Filter:      07

Zero Adjustment:   Auto

Display:   2 1/2 Digits

Sample Holder:  Round 9 mm

Range:   405-660 nm

Output:   OD(0-1.9)

Minimum Volume:   0.5 ml

Detector:   Photo Diode

Light: Long Life – Bread Spectrum LED
Battery Backup:  Yes

Power Supply:   230 V 50 Hz

Power Filter:   7 Filters 405, 492,505,546,578, 630, 660 nm

Accessories:    Test Tube Matched: 05 Nos.

Instruction Manual:  01

Dust Cover:    01

Battery Lead: 01

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With a new view in laboratory technology, “Biorays” made a product which is used for measuring the intensity of color and known as “Colori Meter Digital ” and have the ability to safe the factor.It is also known as “Colori Meter Digital % TRAN, Abs Factor & Conc.” because it safe the factor with zero auto adjustment.

It is used for a variety of applications in the chemical and biological field including saving factors.  It compares the amount of light getting through a solution with the amount that can get through a sample of the pure solvent.

It has a photocell that is able to detect the amount of light passing through the solution under investigation. It measures the intensity or concentration of the color that develops upon introducing a specific reagent into a solution.

colori meter


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