Bucket For (China) Centrifuge Machine Specs

Packaging Size:  1000 Pcs

Size: 15ml


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PRP machine is much important nowadays for every laboratory technician and for the doctor. A lot of companies made centrifuge machine bucket that is mostly low quality and made with low-quality material and should be broken during working.

Viewing of this problem of doctor and laboratory technicians Biorays made his own “Bucket for China Centrifuge Machine”.  This is made with PP Propylene Plastic Material which is the best material in plastic industries and mostly used. This is conical shaped that is bent from the top and the shape is round from the sides. At the lower end, it’s closed so the PRP tube doesn’t fall down.

Its size is 15 ml, which is the available size in all Centrifuge Machines. It is used inside the rotor and fixed at fixed with the rotor from the top with its edges.



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