Blood Collection Monitor Specs

Power Consumption:    32 VA

Tarring Range:     0-650 g

Mixing Cycles:    5-6 RPM

Weight:   4.95 kg

Body Material:  Stainless Steel

Voltage:   220

Dimension:   355 * 182 * 125 mm


Biorays designed “Blood Collection Monitor” which is a new generation monitor and meets the demands of today’s blood bank/centers. By this machine, the technician can set the required weight and mix your sample simultaneously. It provides the highly effective and efficient mixing of blood with the anticoagulant in the blood bags. It’s a lightweight mobile unit with maximum portability. various alarms are provided to ensure accurate and safe collection and mixing of blood.


  • Accurate Weighing and Mixing Technology
  • Preset Volume user selectable
  • LCD Panel Display
  • Prop to mix collected blood with Anticoagulation in the blood bag
  • Audible and visual alarm signals
  • Fully portable with a rechargeable and replaceable battery pack

blood collection monitor


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