Blood Bank Refrigerator Specs

Configuration: cabinet, on caster

Number of doors: 1

Defrost mode: automatic defrost

Other Characteristics: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 200 l, 306 l, 630 l (52.8 gals)

Temperature Range: 0°C – 10°C / 32 °F-50 °F





Biorays “Blood Bank Refrigerator” is an essential piece of equipment in the immunohematology department and provides safe and convenient storage of whole blood, blood components (e.g. blood cells, plasma), and reagents. The refrigerators ensure the freshness and integrity of blood and blood components.

The refrigeration system includes an electrically powered compressor, a condenser, a capillary tube or expansion valve, an evaporator, and interconnecting tubing. A thermostat regulates the refrigerator temperature.  It has a system to monitor temperature continuously and recorded it.

blood bank refrigerator



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