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ECG Machine Carewell
103-ECG Machine Carewell
Digital ECG Machine from Carewell
delivery  2 days  payment   35000 PKR
ECG / Ultra Sound Gel
108-ECG / Ultra Sound Gel
ECG / Ultra Sound Gel
delivery  Ready  payment   500 PKR
ECG Machine 11B
104-ECG Machine 11B
Digital ECG Machine from 11B
delivery  2 days  payment   0.0000 PKR
Ultra Sound Paper Roll
109-Ultra Sound Paper Roll
Ultra Sound Paper Roll
delivery  Ready  payment   1000 PKR
ECG Machine 11D
105-ECG Machine 11D
Digital ECG Machine 11D
delivery  2 days  payment   40000 PKR
Ultra Sound Printer
110-Ultra Sound Printer
Ultra Sound Printer
delivery  Ready  payment   65000 PKR
Ultra Sound Machine
106-Ultra Sound Machine
Ultra Sound Machine Novadex 3300 Rs.125000 Novadex 3311 Rs.135000
delivery  Ready Stock  payment   135000 PKR
Software for Ultra Sound
111-Software for Ultra Sound
Software for Ultrasound
delivery  2 days  payment   0.0000 PKR
ECG Papers
107-ECG Papers
ECG Papers 50mm, 58mm and 63mm Rolls and Z Type sheets
delivery  Ready  payment   65 PKR